I was told of his death at about midnight when people start texting and calling. Some mourn his death by flooding newsfeed and twitters with love declaration etc, which I find really unnecessary. If you love him then respect him enough to let his soul rest in peace.

That morning I was just thinking about the industry in general (about Daul, Tavi and the people who bully her) and how pressuring it has become. I wrote in my notebook (yeah sometimes I write on a notebook before I blog): “When are we going to stop the negativity? Must McQueen stuff armadillo heels down his throat and die to realize we’re doing harm to our own industry?” My heart like really stopped when I heard about his death. I didn’t know him but I had tears in my eyes. I liked McQueen because he was a great designer and coincidentally, my current project revolves partly around his creation.

I’ll end this post with a quote by a friend of mine, “Who will design out dreams now?”



  1. i dont know how to react to that. is that even appropriate?

  2. You seem to somehow find ways to extract my exact feelings and project them through words that sound like my own! I although I refrain from writing too much script on my blog, I am estactic that you flood the world with your thoughtful insights.

    I was struck so hard by his death. My design idol. My fashion god. My inspiration. Struck down by negative emotion. RIP.


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