Besides London, the attendees in Paris, New York, Dubai and Tokyo were able to watch the live streaming in 3D. Twitter convert, Bryanboy was on ground to tweet live in New York along with Joe Zee. Why didn’t Burberry do it in Singapore since we have the largest store in SEA? Imagine that.

How extremely rude of me to fall asleep during the streaming, was everyone else glued to the screen at midnight? I stayed awake until… all I could remember was Anna Wintour saying, “Burr-breeze”. Maybe because I was too tired doing emails with regards to streaming the show on MYKOMAG. Or maybe I wasn’t as excited as before.

You see I’m still processing the men’s collection with the ‘abrupt’ change of direction in their clothes. The military influence was evident and I’m not a fan of such stuff – leave that to Balmain? Okay I get it, homage to Burberry outerwear heritage but can’t we be subtle with the military approach? I’m having hard time liking the collection this season and I don’t know how to put it in words. I’ll warm up to the collection but I think it’s taking too long. To say that I didn’t like it, it’s difficult because I’ve never dislike a Burberry collection.

I thought it was a little too late for thigh-high boots and no one who is of a normal size is going to look nice in those clothes. The clothes wasn’t focused on designs as compared to spring, it was more about buckles and buttons and more metal hardware on the garments. All in all I liked it but did I think it was epic-omg-groundbreaking? Not really.


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