Magazines sparked my interest in fashion. Eh no, I think it was that lady who owns a shop at Holland Village; she likes to wear fur coat (yes, in Singapore) and Cirque du Soleil make up while attending to my mum. Okay maybe that develop my liking for drag queens but I’m very certain that magazines were the reason why I like fashion. Magazines sparked my interest in fashion. Period.

Anyhow while packing my magazines for the new home, I kinda shed tears. Browsing at the archive, oh how much I’ve grown from teeney-booper reads to Vogue. My first Fashion Magazine (Stole it from my art class. I put it to good use OK! It’s not like as if the soccer-playing boys will read Vogue anyways.) was Australian Vogue March 2002. I think some pretty Revlon-looking model was on the cover. My first thoughts’ looking at Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2002 collection was: ‘Are they the designers for Posh Spice’. I know right, those prints, so vintage Mrs. Beckham. I thought it was tragic.

Soon I start buying local fashion Magazine (style: issue 34) , I thought International magazines were too costly since I only get five dollars per day allowance. (I live right across my school and a burger cost a dollar) I had to not eat for a day (usually Fridays) to buy magazines. Style:men, a biyearly magazine that come free with style: was my favorite. On the cover was a pretty model in Gucci/ Louis Vuitton and on the inside, Colin Wee’s DKNY ad campaign. There, I had my first ‘wants’; it was Louis Vuitton Damier Monogram Teddy Bear Brooch.

Thinking about the past makes me so emotional! I used to hide my magazines and read it underneath my desk during psychics or chemistry. I still remember the day my teacher scream at me and said, “ You will never be successful and your work will never end up on those pages if you don’t pass your science! ”. He even put me out the class for a month. You know what, I’m having the last laugh because my work and me are now there.

The power of having dreams and working towards it, it’s fulfilling. Magazine are not just glossy pages, they are textbook to your future! Go magazines go! Fuck you ten-year series!



  1. I have a stash where I keep my magazines too from don't-know-when! Some are extra special because they were gifts. and I used to read a lot of l'officiel. Vogue and the likes were just too expensive. But always sifted through them at Kino. (:

  2. hahaha love your last shout out! really enjoyed reading this post D. i totally agree, i suddenly went bonkers for fashion when i read teen vogue and saw their fashion spreads. haha, so hi 5 to that :D

  3. Nabil: I dont do Kino because i read really slowwwww. like really really slow. so it will take me forever.I will get free vogues from my brother because he works at conrad and they always get free internatonal mags.

    Nicole: i love it to! i like teen vogue, but i wish the cover were more masculine. haha. reading it in the train is like reading barbie's book. When did u buy your first mag?


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