THE PLAN, 2010.

I haven’t really explained much on how I got the name ONESIXTYNOTEPAD and after months, I finally got a picture of the inspiration behind this blog. ONESIXTYNOTEPAD refers to the price of the notepad where I would draft scribbles about the things I want to write. The pen that I write with has to be a Uni Laknock 1.4 and that’s my blogging station.


I started blogging years ago for one simple reason: To improve my language and practice writing. (I went from an E-grade to second in class thankfully.) I loved fashion all along but Glam Publisher Network gave me the opportunity to contribute for them. This lead to that and blabla, I unintentionally set up a fashion blog (Not referring to OSN) while documenting my life in fashion school.

ONESIXTYNOTEPAD was labeled as the ‘bitchy’ one or the most opinionated (a preferred adjective) in the local blogsphere and I’m totally okay with it because it is what it is. I have no problem talking about the PR that was rude to me or about an event that failed. If you want the real deal, then read ONESIXTYNOTEPAD. If you want to see a coated review, I’m sorry to disappoint you, this is not the place. I refuse to be pretentious with my content (or bribe for your readership) but now that this blog is becoming more and more commercialized, I’m trying to find a balance of both. The personality of this blog won’t fade and I will still say what I have to say.

Despite what you might have heard from that unofficial ambassador of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD, about me try to build an empire out of this humble blog is simply not true. I’ve been planning this for sometime now, since I’ve started this blog and it is really time for me to invite people in to ONESIXTYNOTEPAD. It’s time for me to really focus on school, family and start doing what I love to do.

It is unclear to how I plan to let the blog grow, still at its early stage of discussion. One thing for sure, I will never abandon this space as this blog kept my dreams alive.



  1. standing ovations. eat your heart out, suckerssss! hah :) :)

  2. Standing ovation thats all? Haha thanks.

  3. i absolutely love this entry! that's why ive been a reader. 'nuff said.

  4. i remembered the first time you drew a picture of me for my old blog! that was sweet!

    thank you!

  5. i miss t4jotr though....:( TEEHEE. good that youre gonna balance commercialism without having to kill good ol' dinie's persona.

    and i guessed correctly abt how you got the name of zee blog!

  6. "unofficial ambassador of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD" OMG HAHA!


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