Emma Watson was causing such hoo-ha. Not for her celebrity status but the photochopped magic that was used on her leg. And some have evidence to prove it. Yes, yes, we can see her calf on that video but have you ever thought that things would appear differently on various angles? Shouldn’t the result look exactly like the released picture if you were to shot it from the front? It was shopped for sure but I don’t think anything was ‘chopped’ during the process of editing. Fyi: That was my least favorite picture of the bunch.

I like the past seasons ad campaign better, the latest one, not so much. I would have liked it more if was shot against a plain background, I thought the backdrop was unnecessary. It makes the campaign a little too Dior or Chanel, the porcelain backdrop decoration was very contrasting to the image that Burberry wants for its brand; a younger Burberry. The backdrop was just not supposed to be there, it’s distracting! (Yes, that was my OCD speaking) Another thing that was distracting was the shade/shadow that was coming from every random corner. Maybe it would nice as a spread on print. Hopefully the bind will separate the awkward space. (Which I think it will)

Besides that, I thought the styling was good and the ad campaign sums up the latest spring collection really well. The all-English cast made the ad more believable too. I hope Christopher Bailey will continue doing so instead of using models. I love the previous ad campaign with models but I thought using real people gave the ad campaign more identity and a made it a memorable one. It wasn’t like any redundant ad that we’ve seen so far. It was English and it was Burberry. Oh Hi Alex Watson!



  1. God I love the use of the term 'hoo-ha'. You made my day.


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