I really need to tone down the obsession with Sashimi. You know, just in case it floats on the surface when i wake up one morning. I taught Sashimi to play ball today with the left-over beads from my craft project. At one point, she really hit the 'ball' with her tail! No, I'm not making things up.That, or she is trying to escape for oxygen.

Sashimi is trying to settle down, accepting the fact that he/she is the haute-est Ranchu ever. I mean how many Goldfish get it's food served on a Tods's business card? Hah, no, i had to crush his/her food (with a disposable shaver cover!) because its too huge for her mouth. Mariah, you better watch out for there is a new diva in town. Soon, she only swim in Avien water.


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