On graduating, felicitations from me to all the class of 09! I was overjoyed to see friends and acquaintances present their work, their hard work. All three years of perfecting skills and learning gone in a matter of minutes!

There was considerable diversity in the work presented, it has a theme but not too literal or direct. In fact, there was only one collection showing weakness whereby it lacks direction and cohesion.

My two favorite ( being something that i would wear) was Turning Point by Elvin Ooi and Into The Future by Michelle Yee. Imo, i think those two collection are current and will fit well with what i've seen in the industry at the moment. I'm sure they will have a wider reach of consumers who would buy the individual pieces if not the whole outfit. The other two collection that caught my attention was Erika's and Zima's. I felt that both of their collection was in a different league from the rest, sportswear and something ethnic.

Also, it wasn't as disappointing as many predicted it to be. ( You guys should not take the window display along the campus as reference to Nafa's talent! ) It was not even bad to begin with and i was really impressed!

Once again, Congratulations on a wonderful show!



  1. I like the two tone blazer! From the looks of it seems wearable in our hot and humid weather - round collar and silk/ polyester(?)

  2. i like it too! marc and raf did the same colour blocking thingy but i think this one got more movement to it. idk what is it made of..

  3. The one from Jil Sander sold in Oki- Ni yes?

    I'd love to go to SG! Maybe during the sales months! My friend just went there and got himself a pair of red Doc Martens at a bargain from a shop called Front Row. You been there?

  4. lol, yes, tahts the same shop that gave me the pair of boots too!

    theres this shop and peninsula, they sell the older version of the boots from $10-$45 max.


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