In every post which suggest a certain guidelines to follow, just remember, it is not an obligation but it is essential. However you might want to take this point into considerations because people, like The Sart for example, take their bespoke suit seriously and you never know when these tips might come in handy!

A classic double-breasted suit jackets (the ones that comes in suit;jacket and pants), the lapel should always be a peak lapel to compliment the shoulders.Without it, probably the suit will gives a boxy silhouette. As for buttons, the standard two rows of three buttons with one on the inside.If the size of lapels are smaller, chances are, you will have more buttons.

As suggested, a suit should at least be tailored at the waist but, with double-breasted suit, it should be tailored to the torso. It creates a prominent shoulders by cutting into the waistline.Highly recommended for man of small build.


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