God, as we mourn the sudden death of Sashimi The Bisexual Goldfish, show us the immense power of Your goodness and strengthen our belief that he/she has entered into Your Presence.

I didn't even had the chance to blog about how i got Sashimi! Now, Sashimi left us for a better place where Lady Gaga is God and Anna Wintour is stepmom to everybody.I remembered the first time i got Sashimi on a farm, she cost only two bucks but she looks like a tiny gem. Sashimi was the most famous goldfish i've ever had. Everyone on Facebook was talking about how cute Sashimi was. We will never be able to identify Sashimi's sexual orientation but one thing for sure, Sashimi will not be forgotten.



  1. oh dear! RIP Sashimi.


  2. gasp!!!!! so quickly? i made a mental note to ask about sashimi if i saw you on friday evening - but no, the hurriedness of it all left me kinda in a whirl and only time to say quick hi's and bye's ):

    you are my hero la. how did you arrive and leave looking so spiffy with the blistering heat, so many layers (plus i heard you were jumping around?!?!?1) that night?

  3. Oh no, poor Sashimi! I hope you gave him/her a worthy ceremony.

  4. aww i'm sorry :( fish are sweet little things


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