Networking was petrifying. Not that i've never done that before but representing another party, i had to introduce the magazine and represent it well. The PR, Fiona was the greatest.At 3 in the morning, she managed to get us seat hours before the show! The best part, we don't have to fork out a dime and still manage to drag Nicole in with us. Nicole, i forgot to give you a hug!

Singapore Bloggers, Left to right: Laila of ROCK THE TREND, Xwen of FASH E, Nicole Then of CHERRY MAG and Carlos Keng of VOGUEITE. While Xwen had A for effort for trying to impress Gareth with the dress she ripped,(She went home to change,LOL) Laila whipped up the dress the night before the show! It reminds me of Ungaro Fall 07 clip-on buckle dress!Nicole was in a glittery butterfly top that she made hours before the show.She had to put that sequin one by one.Kidding! Oh, Carlos had all the attention in the tent.Press was interviewing him and all eyes were on him!

SG Bloggers with Ridhwan Sesapar, he was representing Mykromag with me on that day to cover the show.Hey bloggers, do you have any picture of Xwen NOT creeping from behind?? HAHA.
Brandon Seah, Angie & Carlos Keng.
My new BFF (and idol,for now), Dr.Giorgia Lee in Dolce & Gabbana S/S. Bestie, can i have a face lift? lip fillers?Okay i wont ask much, 12 session of Microdermabrasion and facial hair removal.Thats all.

First Seat,Second row, Ridhwan was the only visual com student to ditch FYP for Gareth Pugh and he's loving it! No one sat infront of us, we were lucky to get a front row view!

In picture: Angie, Brandon Seah, Carlos Keng, Dr.Giorgia Lee, Nicole Then, Laila, Ridhwan Sesapar & Xwen.



  1. Now I'm officially jalouse of you SG peeps! Did you get a chance to talk to him?

  2. i love the picture of the whine glasses, this event looked awesome

  3. Naboonies: From M'sia, you should move here in 2 months!

    TY! It was great!

  4. Aw! Seems like fun!

    Couldn't attend AFF as I was away. Pity... I just pray that the next AFF's lineup would be as interesting as this year, or more!

    And congrats on your mention on Susie Bubble's blog. Loving what I see on Mykromag so far; glad to see that your hard work is paying off.

  5. Looks like a great event, lots of wine... tasty. You work the crowd, Dinie! Haha!


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