Leave it to C.K Tang people for an unusual fashion experience. Tucked in nowhere land of the old Saddle Club, we were treated to a night of adventure—like literally, we did an impromptu hiking expedition looking for the venue.

Once there, we took initiative to browse the exhibition space to make sense of what’s happening. I guess it’s the norm at any Tangs event; we’ve experienced it many times before, even goodie bags are limited to certain attendees.

In other news, I was really impressed with the local French Connection team new marketing approach, which has yet to debut in the United Kingdom. Using technological advances of graphic cards, the embedded codes will projects a short film on screen. The same producer who did Tom Ford’s A Single Man was responsible for the artistic digital advertising campaign. A must watch, do check in-store for this said graphic cards to watch.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.



  1. Glad you got there - we tried to go, but three taxi drivers in a row had absolutely no idea where it was, so we gave up.
    Shame :(

  2. I used to live somewhere there and i know the place too well! should have called me, and we can go together and share a cab next time! C:


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