Four days after, we’re still beaming and squealing with delight on the inside. I was a star-struck kid and still smiling ear to ear. My way there wasn’t easy either; we were discussing the possibilities of meeting our very own style icon and sure enough we were introduced to her. You should see me; I was talking gibberish.

The newly erected Fullerton Bay Hotel played host to over 400 esteemed guest, socialites and celebrities.( Zoe Tay, Patricia Mok, Fann Wong & Christopher Lee to name a few) We, however, do not fall in any of those categories but was fortunate to be invited by the bureau chief of Designaré Magazine, Frank Cintamani.

The old Clifford Pier was transformed into a luxe party venue with dimly lit chandelier and guest were art décor-inspired. One could only imagine what it’s like to be there― it was like a scene of Titanic, when Jack sat down for dinner.

We chatted up with writers, creative directors and editors of Designaré throughout, ate tasty beef and the most delicious risotto. Just when I thought they were wrapping up the event, Mr. Cintamani pulled us aside to join David Gan’s birthday celebration. Because having celebrity friends to grace your party isn’t sufficient, he blew candle from a 5-tier Birkin cupcakes with a life-sized fondant Birkin as a topper. (Take that MTV super sweet sixteen!)

The most memorable part of the evening was (well, all actually) when we took the lift up to the rooftop. You can’t say you’ve seen all of Singapore until you set foot at the Lantern. The view was breathtaking and it’s a side of Singapore that I’ve never seen before. (Pardon for the lack of off-the-moment pictures because the resident photographer decided to take an off day to bask in all the chi chi glory.) It was surreal and frankly, I was overwhelmed with all kind of emotions. To be there with amazing individuals was such an honor. I thank Mr. Cintamani for extending the invite to us and it will definitely be the highlight of our blogging journey.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.
More Images on ONESIXTYNOTEPAD Facebook Fanpage.


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