There’s many men’s fashion site that discourages the wearing of loafers. Less ‘fashionable and doesn’t project a wealthier image’ was one of the more ridiculous reasons. Never mind that, wait till I share what I’ve garnered from my research.

The sartorial rule of wearing socks requires you to match your socks with your pants, not shoe. A ‘dressier’ loafer should always be worn with socks, dark colored socks only. With shorts, loafers should be worn without socks.

If there’s one thing I cannot abide are rules like that. It’s impossible; I do not have the entire UNIQLO franchise in my wardrobe! (Wait, I don’t even have a wardrobe at the moment, my clothes are in boxes!) Well, the idea was in men’s fashion is always about enhancing the look instead of creating a stark contrast on the outfit.

Anyway one can never break too many rules. Just say it’s a fashion statement. And plus, these rules changes with time and I’ve been seeing more men (not in Singapore of course) wearing colored socks. I’ll go in-depth in the next post; I’ll make us think about our clothes even more. Details, details, details!

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. I like this post. i've nvr seen anyone in s'pore wearing socks with loafers. looking forward to your next post.


  2. hey great! we'll be doing one like this again!


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