(Team Maverick, Team Modish, Team TLQ, Team Zalvado)

Going into the assignment that L’oreal proposed, I didn’t know what to expect. Our intention was to support the young talents participating in the competition but little did we know that we would learn a lot ourselves. Introducing the four groups competing for this year’s L’oreal Brandstorm competition.

The first team I interviewed was Team Zalvado, an all-girls team. Call them the Powerpuff of L’oreal Brandstorm if you must, this group is equipped with girl power, spice and everything nice. The one thing that sets them apart from the rest, that would be their chemistry. Their take on the competition; Nothing will ever be as big as this L’Oreal Brandstorm, so prestigious.

Meeting Team Modish from NUS, I was rather puzzled to how this team came about. They’re three really different individual, really. Half-Japanese Caroline and two boys, Jon and Colin each have different personality, which ironically works! When asked what’s the one thing that will work to their advantage, the team agreed that they posses ‘good balance’ that will take all the way to the finals. I agree too.

I’ve never understood the term ‘boys will be boys’ until I interviewed team TLQ, juniors to Team Modish. They speak like one and think like one. Being an all-boys team will work to their advantage, as they were direct (like boys do) with their approach yet inspiring. The boys are driven; you can see the fire in their eyes. I’m expecting something playful in the finals.

Oh my was I blown away with the last team presentation, I didn’t have to ask much. Team Maverick’s strength would have to be their hard work and intellectual thinking. This team is definitely the one to look out for in terms of marketing strategy, will give the rest of the team a run for their money and they mean business.

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.


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