If you think I would do a Benicio Del Toro and Caroline Correa, not to that extend but I would travel this far to get me some edible Gold. And excuse me, this is not an advertorial, I genuinely think that Magnum Gold is worth your four bucks.

Have I told you that my family and I are having a ‘heist’ of our own? For two days straight we’ve been searching for Magnum Gold?! around the neighborhood. All that was there was a Magnum Gold?! fridge without any on the inside.

Sea-salt caramel sauce on the inside and golden chocolate on the outside, imagine that! Magnum’s gold-dipped chocolate are not of the artificial kind, it shimmers and will ‘stain’ like a real gold liquid. I would say that Magnum Gold?! is the taste of luxury for the masses, if that makes any sense to you.

Unless Santarina Sandra decides to send some, head down to Wisma Atria on 15th and 16th May. Check out Magnum Gold’s page for more details.


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