You could feel lots of negative energy in the tents. To be expected since shows were ticketed, expect a different kind of crowd. How I wished Fashion week in Singapore was focused towards understanding the collection and not about hierarchy.

Words spread like wildfire and rumor has it that someone who had on a different colored (loaned & rented, allegedly) IT-bag each day was responsible for the ‘sponsored blogger’ commotion.

So it came as a pleasant surprise when I found that a local retail giant has decided to sponsor the wardrobes of several local fashion bloggers for all the AFF shows that they would be attending. Many of these fashion bloggers have been showing delight over their sponsored threads by posting pictures of their AFF outfits on their blogs. Well, kudos to them, I must say, even if this means they won’t be wearing Marchesa to the Marchesa show. After all, when you are blessed with BCBG, there is nothing wrong with giving Tangs.

Poor Fash-E was Fash-Hagged. Not a bad thing, any publicity is good publicity no? Not at least until a journalist approaches me to as if I was wearing BCBG!

I died.

And as if my day couldn’t get any more exciting, someone mistook me for Bryanboy. Shame on you; call yourself a fashion blogger feathered lady! Tsk.


  1. Exciting news from AFF! Keep them coming. Sponsored blooger commotion? This show ashion blogging is BIG at your place!

  2. HAHA, I like how you're writing like fash-hag i.e. "feathered lady"!

    You just summed up all the gossips at AFF! Kudos!



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