I know someone (while partying at Dolce) who knows someone who happens to be fourth generation of Singapore’s largest (one of five largest in the world) crocodile tannery.

If you must know, the earlier stage of your precious Birkins starts right here, in Singapore – Defu Lane to be exact, since 1992 and along Upper Serangoon Road from 1979. Chances are, for every five people carrying a Birkin, one of it initially was from Singapore. Although Hermes owns two tanneries, the mega fashion house still gets supplies from Heng Long for exotic skins, which are exclusive and available only at Heng Long. Apart from Hermes, the tannery also supplies skin to Prada, Broni and Kwanpen to name a few.

Aren’t you glad you’re from Singapore now?

Prior to our meeting, we’ve met at an event and I’ve fallen in love with Ethan K day by night-oversized clutch. We discussed it on our way back and fate reunites the clutch and I. ♫ We belong together… ♫ Oh I still can smell the fresh scent of ostrich.
Ethan studied bag making and design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design before launching his accessories label – Ethan K. At age 22, the London-based designer is in no hurry for profits but sees this business opportunity as a hobby.

Well I wouldn’t want to go into details on that but if all is going according to plan, I’m sure you’ll read more about Ethan. On the print issue of MYKROMAG perhaps?

Meanwhile I’m making my way to Defu Lane to steal some skin to make my own Birkin. BRB.



  1.'s so luxx! i want! makes me feel a tad guilty for wishing a croc dead for my pleasure. haha

  2. haha. so which would you choose? bag or a croc's life?
    it will be a waste not to take teh skin since some of us are eating the meat anyways.


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