Can we discuss the Grammys, please?

The Grammys was all about gaga so, lets fill our head with more Lady Gaga trivia. Besides having both clits and penis, what else do you know about Gaga? Did you know that Akon discovered Lady Gaga? I know right, so tragic. As if that Armani Prive wasn’t tragic enough, I had to disappoint you such devastating information.

The bolder Gaga gets with her outfits, the more tragic she looks. At first it was ‘Oh wow Margiela so chic’ now it’s more like ‘oh wow Margiela shit’. That was hideous, you look like a mobile steam boat restaurant from east coast food centre floating on the red carpet of the Grammys.

And of course our personal favorite, Miss Sasha Fierce. Yo Beyonce, I’ma let you finish but you need to stop stealing clothes from Rihanna’s closet. Rihanna had the best closet of all time! No seriously, you need to stop playing dress-up with Rihanna’s wardrobe. You need a dress that fits not a dress that’s ‘fierce’! Let me break it down for you: A dress that fits mean a dress that is of size ten and above. A size two Atelier Versace dress is not appropriate for women of size twenty. Still don’t get it? Call me.

From the diva who force fit herself into a tiny dress to a diva who simply wants to fit in; Ciara. Where do I begin? How about, the unfortunate pairing of Ciara and Givenchy? Rihanna and Givenchy is harmony. Ciara and Givenchy equal ‘What the fuck is that I don’t get it’. The whole look itself wasn’t bad but, she looks like wallpaper in that ‘fierce’ off the runway couture piece! Well at least Beyonce tried hard to be fierce; Ciara is not even trying to werq that couture piece.

Out of four of the ‘high fashion’ divas that I was excited about, I like only one. Rihanna in Elie Saab couture is best dressed. One thing I would do differently is the hair and makeup. I would prefer it to be sleek backwards with a darker make up instead of the frosty white eye shadow.

Both Lady Gaga and Rihanna have their own ‘identity’ when it comes to fashion, I suggest the other two pretty ladies should focus on being pretty in gowns and stop with the fierce factor.Dinie is not pleased.



  1. Riri probably has the whole Viktor and Rolf spring collection in her wardrobe and that freaks me out. Hey Lady Gaga has kawakubo hair and wears alexander mcqueen. Hahaha

  2. I love this write-up. xoyour avid reader.

  3. Lucas:
    so u like that collection? i dont like it. but it doesnt look bad on riri but looks ordinary on gaga.
    wait till tavi make a song about gaga's hair.

    thank you!


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