I love style: magazine! Okay fine, I can’t afford VOGUE but whatever, don’t judge! But really, I do love style: magazine. Don’t you just love the whole red prosperity vibe on the cover? Will go very nicely with your Lunar New year outfit.

Also, ahem, yours truly, your ‘VIP STYLE BLOGGER’ is in one of the pages. It’s really tiny but yeah. You can call me that anytime! I’m not picky! (I’m sure there will be a group of people talking behind my back about how I ‘brag’ about appearing on the magazine. Hello please lah, have some sense of humor.)

Anyway, had a tweet session with Sharon T of style:. My first reaction to seeing naked Cole Mohr on the magazine was ‘WHAT’ and then I look at the top of the page and then I go like ‘eh eh Sharon like Cole Mohr’. Coincidentally that night I tweeted this: can somebody make me love balmain and cole mohr? i just cant like them.

And here’s our tweetversation:
@Onesixtynotepad Am not sure about Balmain, but I can make you like Cole Mohr. :-)
@SharonTulasidas make me! i saw him nekkid on feb issue of style: and then i saw your name. i was like 'eh eh sharon like cole mohr' haha
@Onesixtynotepad OMFG! I think he is a total BILF. Haha!


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