You know, behind that monotonous slab of grey concrete, there are many satisfying to-dos. It’s too near to my campus, allocated ten foot steps away from Singapore School of The Arts and a five minute walking distance from Dhoby Ghaut station. Each time I’m there, I’ll meet at least one of ONESIXTYNOTEPAD’s readers (Only one said hi, the rest twittered) —again that day, I met one. Oh great see me in my ‘uniform’. (That’s the huge backpag I carry to school daily)

Going back from school the other day I (and a friend) dropped by The Cathay to get rid of unwanted hair. And finally realizing that my underarm hair is dragging across the floor, trapping leaves and dirt along Handy Road maybe it’s about time I book an appointment at Strip Co-ed. No, that didn’t happen I was too afraid and plus I didn’t need waxing, at least not yet. I’ll scream like a girl (not that I don’t already) that should be really embarrassing. My waxing motto: Let it grow-let it grow then harvest. Haha gross I know.

Actually I was checking out some stuff for birthday gifting. Remember that famoose makeup product that was all over the magazines? Made famous by Timberlake and Brad Pitt, it’s called Menaji. Now available exclusively at WHATHEWANTS probably the only shop that sell Menaji and specializes in men’s grooming. I went there too many times, the salesgirls and me are like Bff now. Btw, I need to stop that shameless act of befriending salesgirls to get discounts.

Oh yes Filippa K! Yes the brand that we featured in MYKROMAG previous issue! Surprise, they stock them at Beluga! Found a great cardigan for a present but you know, my friend demands gifts one is not enough. The cardigan was so perfect —it wasn’t white, it wasn’t cream it was in the perfect combination of off-white and navy. So perfect for myself that I could buy and gift it for myself. It was Match make in heaven.

Across was Vol.Ta, the stuff there are affordable and the one at The Cathay have more stock as compared to the other outlets. I would recommend buying their leather goods like the shoes and belt. It is really different than what we can find elsewhere, the belts especially. The weaved belt gave me depression, if only I can have it all. I plan on buying the basic tees. (By ‘I plan’ I mean that I’m waiting for someone to get me two. No plunging V-necks please)

If you can’t afford Hermes Ulysse, CLIQUE is the shop for you. They have all kinds of leather good ranging from bag tassel (ala Louis Vuitton Spring 10) to interior decor. Wait till you see all the colors available, from Hermes Orange to shade of Birkin blue jean, everything and I really mean everything is chic. I think what made this shop different is the variety of odd (you can call it unique) colors. Thank god for this shop, my new bedroom is going to be awesome. I’m bringing that hippo home one way or another! (Then I’ll get my friend something cheaper instead. hah)

And like any other present-hunting trip, you’ll side track from your agenda way too soon. That’s when I went to the birthplace of all therapeutic shopping, Forest+trees. I was checking out the price quotation for their ‘spa’ services. I’ve been there once for a manicure and pedicure and I love it! The concept store also sell bit and pieces of illustrated novelties, another reason to love that place.

We’ve been to many stores and we finally settle on something. We found two gifts and the party space as well! (Seriously I hope the birthday boy won’t read this post). To conclude my exhausting day at The Cathay (mind you, I didn’t even go to all of the stores yet) join The Cathay Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thecathay) to get updated with latest promos, events, contests & giveaways!


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