With the end of Milan, comes a set of amazing pictures by Tommy Ton Of Jak And Jil.

Amazing men with unique individuality kicks off the key trend of street style fashion in Milan—layering, play of proportions on sleeves, man bags and impeccable sartorial fashion with a twist. Not forgetting the slack-casual ‘after-show’ male model looks.

No sign of favorite Francesco Cominelli but, Raf Simon coat for the win!



  1. I wanna grow my hair longerrr! - wait i can't. Damn.. Love the cerulean-black coat.. love the first guy's hair.. LOVE the ysl bag.. everyone's so spot on.. no?

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  3. did u just called sean opry : "the first guy's "???
    how dare you.

  4. If only Singaporean men try to make at least half an effort to dress up or proper, this country is definitely going to be a much much better place for both you and I. ;)


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