How dedicated, I’m posting this while riding the train.

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Likewise, experimentation is not always a good thing. Especially when you get carried away.

This was said to be a collection in homage to Burberry’s outerwear heritage. “Protect, explore, and inspire. A salute to our heritage- Burberry parade coats”-Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative Officer. But, why make reference to the past just after the release of an all-young cast for the spring-summer campaign?

I have this saying “ Burberry is what I would wear but Raf is how I would design.” I don’t think it is applicable for the first few looks of this collection. I thought the aviator and fur coats was rather flamboyant (Not an adjective that I normally use to describe a Burberry collection) and did not go so well with the later looks. Don’t you think the first few outifts look better with round-point shoes instead of a fur-lined boots?

While I am very much in love with the inky hue of coats and trenches, the military pieces looked like refined Balmain. My favorite was look 23, the mustard nappa trench worn by Danny Arter. I’m really warming my feeling towards the collection.


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