My new friend was indeed showing off her Chanel watch, and she told me to marry her husband if I needed a watch like hers. Still contemplating…but I hope that offer won’t expire soon. Kidding.

My station was down and the negative force given out by an unidentified object nearby was giving me the creeps. (Joking, insiders joke! ) No, I was busy with pictures and the store that I didn’t really have the time to update ‘live’ on anything. Plus, everyone was out on a Sunday! So I thought why not get a good coverage and blog later.

A day before the event, Forever 21 sponsored the bloggers with an outfit to be worn on the day itself. (My outfit cost about: 21 + 23 = 44) Perhaps it wouldn’t be much of a challenge for me if I weigh like how I used to a year ago. (The cardigan sleeve ripped apart when I got home) All the blogger were also given an additional hundred dollar vouchers each and goodie bag! Tysm Forever 21.The live blogging was a blast despite the constant battle with aunties for space. I had so much fun bonding with bloggers (who bothered to say hi) and the people there!

Girls, why are you complaining about having nothing to wear?! Head down to Forever 21 at 313@Somerset like asap. There is so many to choose from! Bring me along if you wanna go shopping okay? I want to put that Dries inspired skirt on someone.

For more pictures, click on our Facebook Fanpage! (will update)

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.


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