I can’t exactly remember what I wore to my last job interview, but I think it was a navy button-down cardigan with black pants and a Gucci sandals. That ladies and gentleman, (according to men.style.com) is what NOT to wear to a job interview. Well maybe it wasn’t that major of a faux pas since it was just a sales associate position for Jessica Simpson’s shoe line. (Which until now I can’t believe why I was so willing to stand for hours to sell shoes for her.)

Anyway, now that I’m approaching adulthood soon (not that fast, but soon), I guess I should share my bit of the ‘job interview etiquette’. There’s basically no rule except for the ‘dress your best’ rule if you’re interviewing for a creative position (e.g. Web designer, editor etc) but these tips are necessary for the service, administrative and business sector.

1. Wear a grey or blue suit. Please be careful, as there is a difference between charcoal grey and black suit. Wear your black suit on the first day of work but not during a job interview.

2.White shirt are is a must and it should be of the classic point collar.

3. Your shoes have to be lace-up, any styles but in black or brown only.

Personally I don’t abide with those rules because I don’t own half of the thing mentioned above and I don’t want to die in Singapore’s heat. Plus, I don’t think those factors influence that much when it comes to hiring.


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