You guessed it! The pictures above have nothing to do with this post. Well, maybe it conveys the hallucinatory state that I’m in, you know, stress. (Sean O’pry is thatshu?)

Tomorrow being the start of tutorial break, I thought I would update you on the past months. Discussing this might get me in trouble again but at least I could refer to this in the future when writing a memoir that you obviously won’t have.
I don’t have to be a psychic to know my future for this coming semester. I still remember that day, year one semester two when you ratted on me. You told the whole panel that you’ve never seen my work ever. I wonder if you would have done the same if you didn’t know that I was the one who ‘lead’ the complaint.

Three years later, nothing changed. I was criticized about being a blogger and was constantly reminded that I am an amateur in this industry (yes, referring to the style: august article). “ You can’t barely walk, you want to run. I’ve been in this industry longer than you, working for big companies blabalbalbalabla. Anyone can say anything on the Internet but, that does not mean they know everything”. My only question was… “And you’re still here teaching me, an amateur because? Oh yeah, you’re too great for Milan. Paris can’t afford you because of your amazing experience.”

If I give you an image, you asked for ten images. When I showed you ten, you said one is better then ten. Somehow you manage to find loopholes to accuse me of being ‘smart’. Sometimes I wonder if you really know what you’re talking about, blabbering about Yohji Yamamoto and Westwood for the whole of two hours.

In this day and age, professionalism no longer exists, only sarcasm. Oh, need I count the number of times you walk out of the class for hours and never came back? Why not correct our mistakes instead of stomping out the class and spend lesser time degrading us.

I’m not satisfied with my sportswear design project because I feel that I was forced into a direction that is against my own esthetic ( I try my best to incorporate some of mine into my work). This project was restricted to of his likings. For god sake, please stop ruining my design by adding pockets and ribbons please.

I’ve been really looking forward to class (lately); I learnt more technical skills, which makes lesson even more enjoyable. I guess lessons should be that way, lecturers gives us the foundation and improve on it. The downside, I’ve been sick a lot this month. I’m on a new medication for my skin and side effects is bound to occur so I guess it’s normal.



  1. oh my you have that kind of lecturer? scary! be tough okay, everything will be fine and you just continue what you're doing...

  2. Oh dear... Seems like such lecturers are aplenty in design. Have heard my friend complaining of such too

    Work hard and I believe you'll achieve what you want! And I hope you don't end up with such lecturers again!

  3. just carry on the best u can. u obviously dont lose ur wit which is good. no one can bring u down u know.


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