A blog post about the toughest fashion-related experience in a shopping mall loved by many polytechnic dragon boaters and closeted gay muscle maries. When you think shopping was easy, that only applies to shopping at the Hilton or/and ION. I did a ‘trial-internship’ with a magazine last week and I thought it didn’t go as well as I want it to be. I was given a task of doing a product shoot and I was thinking, “ okay, Jil and DVNplus a dash of Marni will do”, and then came the worst part which was; To source at insert shopping mall, Think Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. (If you’ve been on par with RCFA, you will know that Momma Jolie only wear black, as for Megan, the less is more.) I died. Not in RZ way but died, dead and not living anymore. All that Jil-DVN shit down the drain.

There were approximately ten shops (if not less, because some were closed) selling women’s apparel, two were okay and the rest are meant for Hello Kitty’s mom. I spent over eight hours on both days just to source for the stuff! Pfft.

The week after, at the studio, my assignment was a failure. Of course, I too didn’t like half of the things I picked. Not that it was a shocking revelation or whatever but it was simply expected. One of my life’s motto is ‘I don’t invest in things I don’t understand’, because if I did, it will turned out bad and unfortunately, I had to.

All I’m hoping for now is that this will turn out better than the last contributor’s page. That is all.


Edit: Seen the final product, i like it. Heh.


  1. oohh... this reminds me of my bazaar-internship days... sourcing for products can be SOOO hard.

  2. sourcing is easy, but not at new urban male!!! hahaha.

  3. consider not thinking about jil and dvn or marni when sourcing. its singapore. malls are built that way and people purchase that way.if u have such a strong strong feelings against things you don't like just don't do them if not swallow it down and work it mr! im sure u could work it no matter the circumstance!

  4. obviously he did werq it because that assignment is done.Did you read?


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