To conclude, it was a mess. It’s common sense, if it is not a raised platform you should not have the audience too close. The ‘models’ were walking fast as if a Tsunami was about to strike any minute. I was standing too close to the runway; everything was so quick I didn’t have time to scan the outfit. All I see was big animal heads crashing onto each other. It was a comedy, everyone was laughing.

My post seems to be personal because I couldn’t analyze the clothes and I don’t even know who or what went on the second part of the show. Funny make up, funky lighting, that’s all I could see. I see lights flashing on the clothes many time in a single second, I can’t appreciate the clothes like how I would in other shows. I can’t see the form of the garment or minor details that usually excites me. I see nothing.

I’ve been to many such events but this one left a bad impression. I wasn’t the only one complaining. It was rather ‘humiliating’ experience for me because we had troubles at the door, we had to ask everyone around for directions and everyone seems clueless. We had to find our way to the ‘VIP’ area minutes after the show started, only to see that the view was block by lightings and LCD screens. I gave up. No refreshments, nothing.

In an event like this, organizers should limit the attendees. There were so many irrelevant people there that people who wants to do coverage can’t. (Did u see the girl texting? She clearly doesn’t give a damn about the event) I’d rather have a small showcase with all the media/press, industry people and some attendee rather that a huge crowd of god-knows-who flocking everywhere. I’ll give credits to the PR people, great job. (Huiyi, another friendly girl at the door, one tall (malay) guy and another girl who approached me at the bar, you guys are really kind and resourceful. Thank you so much!!) The talents are amazing but I wished the event could be better.

I’ll blog about each individual designer separately in the next post.

Pictures by Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. omfg dinie!
    wats with the ugly animal heads mannn?!?!
    is that supposed to be their eccentric attempt or whaaaatt?
    anyways,i agree with you..
    it's pretty hard to appreciate each collection with weird things on the models!

    the only way i know that their collections are pretty awesome is that you knw most of them are my friends..plus i've see the TP girl work during TP's show.its one of my fave work frm tp :)

    im glad i didnt go.hehehe..

    Ps:the shoot when well..but ok la..
    could be better.hehee..

  2. went well.ehehhe..sotong hyd!

  3. overall, yeah, the stuff are good! i really like elvin's,erika and the girl from TP.

    i have not met anyone who truly think the event was a success.It was hectic because the models are crashing into photographers and people.I dont think they they're going for eccentric, its because they didn't use 'real' model, so they wanted to cover their face.Thats the only reason that i can think of.


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