Hey Aynouk, introduce yourself...

I'm a fashion editor in the broadest sense of the word. I mostly write newspapers as well as fashion magazines. The inspiration of my work comes from fashion as a social and cultural phenomena (all things modern, all things at the forefront of contemporary culture). I find it interesting how these cycles translate to clothes- how they reflect our 'zeitgeist'. I'm always on the look out for those artists, creatives, designers but also 'random people' (vagabonds, the baker on the corner, the secretary, farmer- anyone!) who are not afraid to experiment, provoke, stand out: those who question. These brave individuals are the mothers and fathers of the baby called innovation.  

How did you get involve in fashion, any formal education or simply street smarts?

I studied communication. As part of this study I did an internship at the Fashion Institute Arnhem: a prestigious masters for fashion designers. I met a great deal of talented designers (Oscar Suleyman- who now design for Viktor and Rolf, Bas Kosters, Klavers/ Van Engelen, Monique van Heist, Fransisco van Benthum etc.) which I modelled for every now and then. Some of them became close friends. I learned so much talking to them and watching them work. When I finished my education I was asked to write for Dutch fashion magazine BLVD. I developed my skills and interest in fashion from there. 

You kinda made your 'debut' in the webs via the 'infamous' portrait of Jak & Jil's The Watchmen, what are your response to those negative comments.

I must say I did not pay much attention to the image as well as the comments until now. I like Jak and Jil- I think it's very professional and one of the best of it's kind- but I must say it is not my favourite blog. Why? Tommy is all about aesthetics, the newest and the most beautiful- very Paris, Milan. I'm a great fan of humour though and the human side of fashion. why do people dress the way they do? What does it say about their character, their culture and the society we live in? I love pushing boundaries- please be as outrageous as you can be. make a statement, make people think, be bold, be provocative. Fashion contains so much more than just clothes- it tells a great deal about us humans. of course don't loose sight of aesthetics while doing it. but please, don't take yourself to seriously. Arrogance or pretentiousness does not flatter anybody.
Okido, I'm slightly rambling on. Ha. For the reasons names above- especially quote: 'make a statement, make people think, be bold, be provocative-' I loved the fact people reacted so passionate to the Watchmen. positive or negative. It's all about making people tick, making people think. If those 125 people who commented did that in any way I'm a happy cowboy. 

I enjoyed your work, Sandra on the first issue of MykroMag. What's next?

what's next? well. for now I'm really busy with a weekly column I'm writing for one of the biggest- and may I say most intellectual- newspapers of Holland. It is comparable to the International Herald Tribune. The title of the column is 'Fashion according to Aynouk Tan'. The newspaper came up with that! I dress myself every week in a different outfit and describe what I'm wearing. I tell the people something about the history of the clothing or what makes it so special and well, just to educate them in an accessible way about fashion. Next to that I am an editor for the Dutch L'Officiel, I contribute to Mykromag (because I like the product and I love Sonny), I organise fashion events in museums for instance etc. First and foremost though I live and breathe the art of fashion in my way, everyday. By dressing up, dressing down- reliving and recreating. Let's say I’m a professional fashion trooper. that must be taken with a big wink. of course.



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