Approximately 2-3 years ago, I was approached to contribute for a magazine. Then, it was only a young man's vision. I can still vaguely recall them, they were Sonny, Jean Paul and Majid. I had to turn that down,supposedly because i was ' weaning' and inexperience.

Ridhwan has amazing flow of creativity and talent while i was conceptual and structured. We never have the same opinion and we would disagree over everything. Which, is my opinion makes a great team.We became sort of like a dynamic duo and vow to strive to get where we want to be, together. Venturing solo is not even a choice anymore.We tried very hard to push our work and thankfully it didn't take long for us to get involve in fashion and publication.

We were given two main opportunity by a publication/magazine. An established one, and the other was still a vision. One would boost our income and just sweep us aside after the hype (probably because we're young) and another, allow us to get involve in the process,allowing us to learn and grow together with they product they're producing. We choose to go with the one that believed in our work and provide endless opportunity.

It nothing much, but being involved in it since the first stage makes me really proud of this particular work. Of course, none of this would be possible without my talented partner and the team.

That's a few screen caps but, do check it out on the main website.



  1. I've seen Mykromag and love the content. Beautiful drawings too. Congratulations Dinie!

    Now let me show off to people LOL

  2. hah.
    its a teamwork btwn me and ridhwan.
    im glad you like it, its different.
    you should really read it.

  3. I really like the drawings, the Jil Sander is amazing, great work guys.

  4. hey Dinie thanks for the sweet comment!! I wish I had the money for Herve Leger haha.. It's from a local department store here in Manila.. Such a steal for only $25!!=)


  5. Laila:
    Thank you Laila!

    It looks like it!
    $25?! thats a steal!


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