APRIL 30 2009.

I don't know what's even more fucked up- Swine flu or the administrative clerk in Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts.I was charged 300 bucks by the Finance department and for 'late deferment' and attending school at the beginning of the term. When i did attend class, they barred me from assessment and when i do not, they claimed that i did.

The finance department, lazy to do their 'job' then referred me to the administrative people. The administrative people told me otherwise.That's NAFA for you! The finance department have been bugging me to pay the fines for sometime now but couldn't be bothered as i know this is a typical mistake of lazy administration. After i investigate and argued, few days later they confirmed that it was a mistake. Can you imagine if this was to happen to a naive student and he/she paid for it?

Why do they always do this shit to cause inconvenience to students. Last year, i was pulled out the class because they claimed that i didn't pay administrative,cost and tuition fee. Excuse me, i paid in cash and if i don't how the hell to i get a student pass and my name printed on the enrollment list?

Don't get me start about the librarian!

They want me to replace a book which ive already returned. I even paid the fines. This has been going on since last year. For months i kept on returning to the library and for months i tried to get statement of fine paid but the libabrian confirmed that they wasn't any. I was pissed but i didnt give a shit, so i ask her to track down all my movement and loans. Finally, after doing what she was supposed to do in the first place, she found a record of my paid fines. However, she still said that i did not return my book.I made her do her job and try to track down more information. She was very rude and simply reply " i did you a favour and renew your loan". Did i give her the permission for her to renew my loan? No. When she know she was in the wrong, she claimed that i renew the loan myself. It just doesn't make sense isn't it?
Her advice to me was to come during the term break and search for the book. Now, it's my task to find the book?! Why not make me sit and settle all library loans since you all are so incapable of doing the simplest job? Why would i want to hold on to a book called 'miming for beginners?'. A book like that is totally unnecessary especially when i had alot of practice miming to the librarian.

I've been dealing with this lame ass shit the whole of last week and when i do find that book, I'm gonna use it to scrape her uglyass make-up off her.



  1. Wow! I can't believe all that happened to you the past week. Here in Russia the administrative system sucks big time and it's not unlikely that I face lots of problem regarding visas etc. Hear hear to your woes!

  2. God... this happens all the time. Somehow the administratives get the idea that they should mess up their students and make it as difficult as possible for us to study. Don't let them get you!


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