By now everyone must have talked about their favorite designer somewhere on their blog. Raf and Pilati to name a few but i'm gonna highlight or rather introduce this young designer to you.Back in high school i was the only looking forward for fashion week. October is like any other month for my schoolmates but i'm crazy about it. I usually go alone because you know, in high school, if you like fashion then you are like automatically gay or evil. So sinful.

Anyway, the most memorable one for me was the HH show in 06 with the theme Bias-- Mania and Depression.Well that was that and the following year, Harry Halim presented bias two. I was blown away by the amazing techniques used to manipulate the fabrics--Crochet and fringes like how you would see in Rodarte or Givenchy this fall.With a collection so conceptual, no wonder he was a winner of the Asian Designer Contest.

I was really frustrated when no one spotted him using fringes and crochet way back which boomed in the international runway only later on. When ask how he felt about that he replied "Its too bad I'm not big enough yet. Soon Dinie! "

Well you see, my interest in his design go way back in 06, when i got to meet him at the SFW 08, he was kind enough to invite me to his show. I'll let the clothes talk to you. It was difficult for me to understand at first but when he explained it, it all make sense.

" Well..its about mentally of people,deep into their complicated mind,from nude colours to white (lies), how people covered their true personality.In fact its alot of ugliness in it."

I don't know if will ever do menswear but, when he does, i'll be the first wearing it! For the ladies who wants a piece of HH, visit his site or email to hh@hhharryhalim.com (+65 81885871)

Please do not use the pictures w/o permission as it was sent to me by the designer himself.Thank you.


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  1. All I can sayis his collection looks mature and stands on par with international designers! Kudos!


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