With the growing belly attached to my body,i can't help but to notice it.No matter what Uncle Karl might say of her, looking like Beth Ditto was never a good thing unless, you want to wear stretchable Herve ledger dress your entire life. Being rich has its perks, you can afford to run on a treadmill while listening to Gaga or you can simply use one of those jacket as a dumbbell. Working out in the gym will be so fulfilling with those studded jacket.Antonin Trons are the new Lifting straps!

Anyway, Dr.Oz called and he wants to tell you this- the waist circumference of your belly (when sucked in) should not exceed one-half of your body length.An ideal for women is 32.5" or less and 37" for mens. So if you look in the mirror and realized that the pregnancy cardigan can't hide your permanent pregnancy, maybe it is time to start wearing a large.Extra large.

Omentem fat are part of your belly fat which is hidden under the muscle of our bellies. It can't be pinch, ( I say pinch, not grab) if you can pinch it,it is probably not. The function of the omentum is to provide nutrients for the belly throughtout the day and too much of visceral fat can cause poisoning to the liver.It overloads chemical up the veins which can cause diabetes. The fat also squeezes your kidney, increasing blood pressure which can cause heart problems.

This is guranteed to stripped an average of 15 years of your life.That is why i recommend you this. Best part,it really works!



  1. The Omentum gets a lot of "bad press" - It is an amazing structure that has wonderful therapeutic possibilities. Alzheimer's treamtment, spinal cord injuries, wound care and more. Read more at:

  2. HAHA! What you described is very accurate medically speaking. And I've tried the exercise, I do feel some tension in the ab muscles, so I guess I kinda works!

  3. Oh my... workout. The word freaks me out, haha. But seriously, I should do some kind of exercises or a least do light jogging. Good for your health, right? I'm sooo lazy!

  4. naboonies:
    omg u did?! ahha.i cant believe you actually did it!
    but its great right? theres more of the 12 second sequence vid.check it out too! and ill see you by thebeach in our mankini in 2 months time.

    oh dont we all.the only reason why i dont jog is that, i afraid i might get rape.hah.

  5. Wow I love that jacket!! Can I borrow this picture? I'll credit you thanks!!=)


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