Haters to the left, Miley cyrus, closet fans and lovers listen. I know, I'm so 'uncool' because i like the Jonai and you're everything because Gaga in Margiela and Rihanna in Balmain are so IN. Okay,actually i dont really care about Joe and the fat one but, Nick (the one with lesser body hair) is like my replacement for Britney Spears at the moment. That's how bad I'm trying to convince myself that curls are gorgeous.

You see, i was 'bless' with curls and i'm trying very very very hard to embrace my 'natural beauty'. So here's a picture of my curls.Opinions?

Images: JJ & Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. curly hair is definitely sexy! (cause i have curly hair myself) but i do know how you feel about 'trying very very very hard to embrace' it. haha.

  2. I love curls!

    Unfortunately my hair is straight and I permed them before just to pretend I have natural curls.

  3. I too have natural curls, but it's waay out of control if I kept it long. Its certainly very3x hard to embrace the beauty without the right haircut or styling product. On the other hand yours is gorgeous, lemme see you work that curly locks!

    btw thanks for adding me to your blogroll (just noticed it haha)

    Oh and i just saw Pelayo's blog... omg is he the new internet sensation???? HOT!

  4. Yana:

    i just gave up on it back to old emo shit hair.


    WHY?! its always the opposite,the curly like str8 and vice versa.

    hah.i like to link people by their name. if i dotn know their name,it just dont feel right.
    yes,palayo play me.
    he's been around. but he's popolar because of hos fashion thingy and bod of course.!

  5. Oh yes yes! The grass somehow always seems greener on the other side!

    I permed my hair cos I love curls and I felt it stands out amongst the sea of stick-straight hair peeps.

    Although I didn't regret it but I have to admit, it was rather high-maintenance.

    So I chopped it all off and am living with fuss-free short crop now.

    But I'm contemplating with curls again. Curly crop. Like a mild, soft afro.

    I think I just told u the life story of my hair. Ha.

  6. Linzi:
    lol.yes you did,
    now i can write an book on it!

  7. Maybe you can write about yours; "How I Tamed My Hair".
    An encouraging story is what we need in such times.


  8. i'm a bit late in commenting, but:

    your curls look good! curls are so hi maintenance. no care and they'll look like hay, too much and it'll look like you slathered oil all over it. i personally don't know how to manage them... that's why i chopped off my long hair and it magically became a little straighter...

    but you look good in them. just don't like empty a whole bottle of mousse on it haha

  9. Aaaw, curly cutie! You should embrace your natural hair, it looks good. But I understand how you feel, I have completely flat straight Asian hair and I find it boring. To me it would be so much better if it was a bit wavy of sorts, but I've settled with the fact that it won't happen. Hah!


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