Christian Lacroix The Costumier

“ Couture dresses should be perfect at close range. Ready-to-wear should be concrete and practical. Fashion should be a matter of look, everyday life and current atmosphere “ – Christian Lacroix

OSN est sur la cession de Mykromag cette semaine, pour l'exposition Lacroix.
Okay,I’ll stop fooling around. Sonny had given us the task of visiting the museum while he lodge in the hills of Spain, feeding unicorns, milking cows and whatnot. (There’s a possibility that he might be chasing mountain goats for a new coat too. Kidding.)

I had my first museum tour in ages. It will probably be my last. While the air-conditioning and filling up the survey form were the highlight, the exhibition was gloomy. For each sentence I have to read, it was like searching for Alek Wek in a depressingly dark room. Am I the only one disappointed? The illustrations were awesome but I would not even discuss the costume display.
Do keep a lookout for my twitter updates for the formal reviews and more images on the MYKROMAG BLOG.

Images: Ridhwan Sesapar.


  1. LOLs at finding Alek Wek in the dark!

    So, anything good at all from the exhibition? Lucky SG people!

  2. lol alek wek in the dark. one up from my white rabbit on snow hahaha.

    anyway. i thought the atmosphere and lighting were not that fitting for the beautiful costumes, but it didn't disappoint me much.

    or maybe cos i haven't been for an exhibition in so long i was just swooning at everything.


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