Prada Womenswear F/W 2009.10

Muccia's shamanic qualities was best describe as the 'magpie of cultural references'. Prada fall collection was unlike the other we've seen,not the same 80's influence that further revolted my involvement in womenswear. Key features and highlight of the looks were the tres chic and artistic Prada flat fisherman's boots, evenings in wool applied with embellishment and the three dimensional silhoutte that forms around the body in a familliar shade of red. A collection best described as eternal of an italian women and strength,the embellished leather and texture was a reminiscence of Prada Homme collection; power without wrath. 

Images: Jak & Jil



  1. True, seems like most of Prada's ideas and concepts always work in the strangest ways.

  2. its strange but it works. wonders of muiccia.


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