Balmain Womenswear F/W 2009.10

Decarnin pulled a Christopher Bailey over at Balmain this 
fall. The collection was a disappointment and more of the same as the previous season.

With glitterati such as Emmanuelle and Carinne marketing Balmain pieces during fashion week, Balmain's latest collection was a sake of pure commercialism. While eighties revival excess have a peculiar effect,too much then is enough for now.

Image: Fashionologie


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  1. Ok, so I'm really bad with following fashion seasons, shows and collections but I agree on this. The two collections from Balmain are very similar. Mini crop ultra short, slim waists and bold shoulders. And lots of shiny effects. And black, of course, always black.

    Maybe just trying to push something that worked last time a bit further? Playing safe during these times of financial crisis? Like you said, commercialism.

    And wow, this must be the longes fashion related blog comment I've ever posted before! Hah!


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