D&G showed hours after our arrival at Malpensa. It was probably our only chance to be at the Metropol Theater, walking up the marble stairs and watching the entire show from above. The clothes weren’t necessarily appealing but the setting was dolce-dramatic, the backdrop was just peachy with flora—even the invited came with a packet of seed.

The real fun began outside the show—you could only imagine the look on our faces when we saw models and editors, Olga Sherer, Iris Strubegger, Giovanna Battaglia, Joe Zee, you name it! The experience of being there was exactly like how it would be reading Tommy Ton’s blog in 3-D.

Now let me spread plenty of calamine lotion all over and hopefully my Milan mosquito/bed bug bite will stop itching. Meanwhile, enjoy these and we’ll get back to you with more amazing shots!

Images By Ridhwan Sesapar.



  1. Olga looks so radiant and luminescent. Did you guys have a bit of freak-out moment? I know I would have just spasm-ed right then and there.

  2. Fabulous sunglasses in the first shot.


  3. May I ask what Camera and Lens were you using for these model moments?

  4. Asyraf: yes, we were like a bunch of groupies at every shows! it's such a surreal experience. stay tuned for further MFW updates!

    purelovefashion: Sasha in Prada sunnies :)

    Jayne: sure, I'm using a Canon 1000D with a 0.45m/1.5 ft macro lens


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