The probability of catching a Leprechaun at newsstands is much higher than getting your hands on these—and you can blame it on the Queen of Caldecott for Designaré’s sold-out issue. Lucky me got a peek at it early last month and I go Zoenatic whenever she made it to the cover. (Oh-don’t-we-all!)

This month’s copies are selling at only SGD2 with all of the proceeds going to charity. The double issue includes the first copy of Designaré Homme—in a sentence, the Homme edition is best described as ‘Luxe-living and designs made accessible to the masses’.

At price point, I’m all for the Designaré; I like how I get to read on events attended by the high society, the brief writings and most importantly, it’s overload with images. (It’s a good thing since I’m a visual person.) Designaré magazine leans more towards designs and lifestyle, very affordable, whereas the other local luxury magazines make me wanna grab a Subway set meal (with cookie and ice tea) instead.

Limited copies are available at newsstands, (avoid going to established bookstore, sold-out everywhere especially in town area) the publisher won’t be doing the fourth print run so grab a copy now!



  1. Love Designare mag for its simplicity and large amounts of photos. Hope to see Fann Wong on their cover soon! ;) Cheers

  2. Yeah photos is a good thing! Well, i'll pass that to the editor, Fann Wong it is! How about Fann and her husband?

  3. Are you going to feature Brad Pitt and Kai Wong?

  4. Are you going to feature Brad Pitt and Kai Wong?


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