Louis Vuitton Mens S/S11 Paris.

For most, the go-to brand when purchasing a designer bag or accessories would be Louis Vuitton. With Marc Jacobs reinventing the classics, the conventional monogram never gets old. This spring, in line with the ‘active-wear’ trend, the house of Vuitton sent droves of ‘sporty’ bags down the runway. For the brand-whores, it might be a little disappointing— monograms were lightly imprinted; the Damier pieces were current and the leather goods are elegant. Simply put, there’s something for everyone, the sartorial man or the eccentric.

Burberry Mens S/S11 Milan

Oh Burberry, every young lad’s fashion fantasy. I must say, it’s a little too late for the rockability chic but damn, those pieces are stunning! I had the privilege of previewing some of the pieces beforehand and it wasn’t as impressive as on the runway. I like the fact that most of the bags are not your average in-your-face accessories and very understated. When previewing the lookbook, I was immediately drawn to those sandals— but again, I think Burberry don’t cater for the masses, only the hip and young.

Lanvin Mens S/S11 Paris.

Expect ridiculous prices for Lucas Ossendrijver’s innovative designs. The accessories are tribal-inspired and sporty; again, a key trend in menswear fashion since last fall. The shoes, bags and accessories are second to none—It’s really nothing revolutionary, the brand is known for it’s radical approach but this season was simply amazing. So much so that it put some womenswear collection to shame.

I’ve always wanted a Lanvin’s footwear but it will cost me about six months worth of my lunch money. Let’s hope that when I can afford these, Alber’s apprentice would still be design for Lanvin Homme.



  1. My gooodness those Burberry and Lanvin bags (maybe not so much of the Lanvin pouch) are so...i don't know. Covetable? Hahaha.

    I personally thought that some of the bags from Dries Van Noten, Kenzo and Bottega Veneta from SS11 are pretty gorgeous. Well personally I would love to own something from Bottega Veneta but I believe their price tag doesn't really agree with my budget haha.


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