One thing I’ve learnt, calluses and blisters can be avoided. You see, our feet and shoes are like our moms and dads. Some sorts of partition are needed to avoid friction. Which brings us to the continuation of our sock post.

There aren’t many laws imposed that you should live by when wearing socks. One simple rule; certain colour of socks should be worn with specific outfit. Use your intuition, instinctively knowing the difference between tasteful choice and a fashion no-no.

When in doubt, abide with the ‘official’ rule. The rule is that socks should be dictated by color of your pants, preferably not in the exact same shade unless you are wearing black or brown pants. The aim is to create fluidity in you outfit instead of breaking the continuous flow. Important; white socks are for sports!

Second, pairing shorts with socks is suicide. It’s visible cuts your length and creates a stockier illusion to your body. Invest in a less visible ankle socks (I recommend ladies foot sock) when wearing short. It applies to the high waters pant break ‘without socks’ style.

We went on about colors and cuts of sock etiquettes; one last thing to take into consideration is the material. Ribbed fabrics (the ones with rows/vertical lines when stretched) are the contrast of cheap. Instead, find a dress socks (finer, thinner material) to set the focus on your classy shoe instead of the socks.


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