My hi-fasheen best friend forever needs no introduction unless you’re not the intellectual kind.

I’ve said it a million times and I’m going to say it again. If you want to break into the industry (like literally), do it with a pair of Yves Saint Laurent metallic cage bootie, in size 9.

Meet my new best-friend-forever (allegedly), Becca Shumlin and her sidekick, Remy Renzullo. Becca aka my best-friend-forever is the daughter of Vermont State Senate president and Remy, my best-friend-forever’s sidekick are both seniors at Putney. (They study livestock care and all those non-fashion stuff.)

There are so many rich kids but why them, you may ask. Get this, “Two high school seniors from Vermont might have hacked into the database of PR company BPCM to get themselves on the list for Fashion Week shows.

And Remy wrote this:

Hi [redacted],

This is Remy Renzullo, requesting an invitation for Alexandre Herchcovitch's Fall/Winter 2010 show. I work as a freelance stylist, currently working with the future first lady, Deborah Shumlin, of Vermont for the campaign trail and hopefully elected office. More information can be found here: In addition I have been signed on to contribute to a new fashion magazine, FUTURE. I would love to have seats or standing if available for myself and Rebecca Shumlin, the magazine's editor-in-chief and daughter of the future governor and, myself. Please let me know if this will be possible.

Thanks so much for your time,

Remy Renzullo

Remy and Becca is a genius. Even smarter that the person who invented the Internet. (Was it Billgates?)


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