While twittering the latest ongoing at Alexander Wang ‘live’ yesterday, I become aware of how pathetic I was going to be if I continue doing so. It was heartbreaking to see myself glued to my MAC and being excited to about tweeting live/first. Indeed I was the first to post regarding A.Wang’s collection on the #NYFW thread and then I realized that I was becoming a slave to fashion.

The twitterers of NYFW, like really? ‘Velvet and leather at Wang’s’—do we really need to get excited by that. (Am guilty of doing that) If you do then there is one thing you need most right now, a life. To see these blogger whom I used to love twittering almost every minute about this and that is saddening. Bloggers are people who used to have something to say but now all they do is report ‘live’.

I guess it’s okay if they do so and blog their say after the shows but some don’t. My point is why are bloggers becoming this ‘live twitterer’, is that like the evolution of blogging? So disappointing to see some fashion blogs morphing into a fashion site, following the footsteps of established fashion site to twitter live.

If I were ever invited to a show (fat hope ho ho), I would make full use of that time to absorb the ambiance. I won’t hurry myself to tweet, the established fashion sites are doing that already.

Note:The only (HQ) picture I could find of bloggers frontrow tweeting/posting live. I have no intentions of directing this post to anyone of the people in the image above.



  1. "I have no intentions of directing this post to anyone of the people in the image above."

  2. NO! im like serious! unless u think so lah.

    fathin ur evil i hate you.


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