It certainly feels like three years ago. The thing is, I don’t know if it’s a bad thing or a good thing. Although I know that it’s been stress-free all week.

Everything seems to be going haywire with my relationship (be it with friends or whoever) and the things that I once prioritized. In a way, I’ve ‘abandoned’ that stuff but it had to be done. If only they had given it some thoughts to why I react that way.

Is trying to secure another scholarship without my current one being taken away due to poor results a good enough reason to ‘abandon’ the less important issues in life? Is ‘it’s my time to excel in school’ not a valid reason? Your time is over; it’s my time to shine, don’t be selfish.

It’s not like I’ve disappeared from the surface of the earth, I’m still here, but selfish people who only thinks for them will think that they’ve been abandoned.

I’ve been weighing those plus-minus factors and I’ve really decided to make school my priority. Remember this: Our journey is like a boat. We grow, we expand and space becomes lesser. Along the way, there will be people feeling uncomfortable and decide to get off the boat. And there will people who will stick around no matter. The people who stay and endure the struggle are the one worth sacrificing for.

At this point I don’t really care about how much of life’s fun times I will have to let go but one thing for sure, my education is the key to my freedom.


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