When was the last time I bought a Vuitton bag? Hmm, never. (Does a pre-loved LV globe shopper tote counts?) The last time I stole something from my sister’s bag collection: Not long ago. No doubt Louis Vuitton is ‘in our blood’, (board the train in the morning and you’ll know what I mean) the perception that luxury equals to Louis Vuitton monograms, we need to get pass that. There is so much more to Louis Vuitton than just the logo. (Tell that and you’ll offend my aunt and gay cousins)

I fell in LVoe (yes, let’s fall in love with a bag for a change) with the taiga two-way bag.A briefcase and bagpack all in one, a bag perfect for the indecisive. I carrassed that bag erlier today and damn it feels so good!

The taiga was introduced in ’93 and was only available in 2 shades of Grizzli and Grey-- With the introduction of new colours this spring, deep dark cobalt blue, cool steel and natural authentic beige. The question is, how much is it? I wouldn’t want to know so I can keep on dreaming.

Dear Marc, I will work for bags.

Images via © LOUIS VUITTON


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