It all began with an email. An email sent by a certain fairy godmother with the help from a particular generous blogger.
Five years of blogging, I’m still dumbfounded by the power of the Internet. After today, I still am. Twelve hours since the event and I can’t stop thinking about it— The color of Christopher Bailey’s hair, Amelia Awi’s moving praises, Miss Natasha Davis kind gesture, more, more, and more.

It’s like William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, except this play involves a Romeo and a stalker fan— Me blabbering about the arrival of Christopher Bailey and stalking him during the event.
Meeting Christopher Bailey and the great people who shaped the industry was a full circle moment. This opportunity has allowed me to do what I love and taught me that dreams do come true. Thank You to the kind people at Burberry, you have no idea how blessed I feel to be part of the event yesterday.

PS: Mr. Bailey, if you’re reading this, can I design one look for the next menswear collection? Okay, maybe just a trench. No, a bag. No, a pair of sandals!

Hey, dreams do come true no?



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