"We are really excited to open our first ever Burberry London and Burberry Brit standalone stores here in New York, located either side of our iconic America's headquarters at 444 Madison where the Burberry sign 400 feet atop salutes our Britishness across the Manhattan skyline. We designed the stores to have their own individual expression and identity reflecting our customers’ different attitudes and needs. The stores are modern and unintimidating with digital technology used to heighten the experience for the consumer."
- Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer (Previously, the Creative Director Of Burberry. Can someone update the wiki page? Hah.)

Trying my best to distinguish between Burberry London and Brit line without getting a lawsuit: The London line is the familiar classic refinement of fine Burberry tailoring. The Brit being less sartorial, without compromising the Burberry suaveness despite the introduction of denim to its collection.

**Oh while trying to put the right words together, I just realized that the description of both the London and Brit was attached in the email. I feel moronic.**

Burberry Brit -- The disheveled elegant casual expression of the Burberry guy and girl, centered around outerwear, the Burberry check and denim.

Burberry London
 -- The tailored and elegant expression of the Burberry guy and girl, centered around outerwear, the black and white Beat check and our key competency in sartorial tailoring.

Images Via Burberry.



  1. Burberry London still stands out...
    Love the window merchant~

  2. love all but i like prorsum more i think.


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