Back in June I won for myself an LG GD900 Crystal Phone via Fash-E’s LG phone giveaway. The result came right in time when I was about to buy an iPhone, lucky me, not exactly. Approximately two months after postponing the delivery date twice, the phone finally arrived—with dent on the battery, scratches on the back, no memory card, no warranty card and no security seal whatsoever. (We have four ‘LG Viewty’ so I don’t see why this one should be different from the rest no?)

We did an exchanged. This time it was better, but the missing components were still missing. By this time I had all my contacts and files uploaded on the phone so I had to do another exchange, which I didn’t because I simply can’t be bothered. I regret not buying an iPhone, potential buyers, place your bids!

The Bad:
- The phone goes dead without any ‘low-battery’ signals
- Does not allow you to see incoming calls when main screen is locked ( which means you can’t avoid calls from annoying people.)
- Display icons are too compact, really messy and if you have fat fingers, you’ll end up pressing the wrong buttons.
- Overly sensitive touch screen. When the phone is pressed against your cheek, the conversation will end.
- Not user-friendly.
- It lags and screen froze most of the time.

The Good:
- The LG GD900 score high points for design— “its sliding, translucent keypad illuminates a cool glow that reflects the phone’s sleek and polished silver body”.
- The 8 mpg Camera snaps high resolutions pictures, the digicam- esque settings allow easy editing.
- Wide screen video in perfect color and details!
- Sensor motion gaming, you can even blow bubbles with your phone, Virtually that is!
- Many applications mean endless exploration.
- You can write with your fingers!


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  1. So you're on the selling-it-all rage too? Same here HAHA


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