We'll the pictures have no relation to this post whatsoever but i'd like to see it as an inspiration to move on or to daydream about what life should be.I standing beside a yellow cab with smoke from the drain gutter effect would be ideal right now.I'm feeling emotional just because the alignment of life curbs a little. I can't wait to resume life like how it should be, working towards that vision. Frustrated with the time i've wasted so far, i'd like to put myself in a trance. It's never a good thing because i'll end up regretting,weeping and wasting even more precious time. Why snivel if you're not gonna do anything no? Shouldn't i be telling myself that already?

So many things in my head; should i proceed with my final year, should i really pursue design, should i diet, should i sleep now, this or that. Sometimes being ambitious is hazardous. Especially when you have very little to start with. The continuous pressure and constant reminder is depressing.Something inside of me is wanting to burst and that i have something to proof but i can't.

It's true, kids grow up too fast.By the age of 3 i was already in some school.I'm 19 and I'm thinking about what I'm gonna do when I'm 27. When i was 13 i was thinking about the same shit too,i was supposed to watch cartoons. Okay, maybe not, Charmed? Okay whatever. I think i'll go change my bed sheets now.

Images By Scott



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  2. love the whole outfit. nobody does black better than people in new york.

    thanks for your comment, i've accually seen you around in a fashion community.

  3. seen me around in a fashion community...where?

    What comment?

  4. oh, i saw you comment you deleted.

    "thanks for your comment, i've accually seen you around in ontd_ff. "



  5. Life will continuously have its curbs and bending roads but its up to the 'driver' to make it all okay and drive to the dream 'destination' safely. Do not give up on a vision that you see due to this, a faltering hope is not a way to success.

  6. Oh, you're 19? I imagined you were older. Well, if it makes you feel any better, I'm turning 21 and still unsure of things. I suppose it's about figuring out what your potential is and how to reach it. A lifetime lasting mission, I say. Stay strong and pursue the things that make you happy.


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