The classic Woman checks your shoe before anything else. We don't normally disclose any personal issues at first impression but do you know, a shoe reveals so much about one's dignity? If one is wearing flip-flop, my first impression would be that he's lazy. If a guy strut in heels, there's no doubt he's feminine right? I guess a shoe really makes the man.

Personally, i do not believe in investing large amount of money on something that i would rub against the floor. I've never prioritize a shoe ever. If it is true that with shoe, you get what you paid for, then no wonder none of my shoe last long.

A man must have at least two type of shoe to complete his wardrobe-- Dress Oxford and Monk Strap before loafers or lace-up. It is not an obligation but it is essential.
When building a foundation or choosing the basic, try not to over-do ourselves and stick to the basic. A conservative plain dress oxfords is preferred as compared to the kilties, balmorals or wingtip. Same rule applies; Formal occasions require laces. With simpler, less detailing on your feet, the easier to get away with a fashion faux pas.

Images by Scott.



  1. Thanks you for the tips. Sometimes the wide array of options available out there make me dizzy.Time for simpler, classic shoes I say.

    Sorry this might be off topic, but I just sold my unworn ZARA wingtips to a friend. Hmm is it a right decision? I got them in Europe for a mere 30euros. In Malaysia they all sell pigskin ZARA shoes at exorbitant prices!

  2. not all zara shoes are made from pigsking right?

    you should keep for like the fture.

  3. I know right. Hmm maybe I should take them back.. perhaps yes.


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