Qn By Anonymous :
What are the sites you read religiously ?

I like to exercise my fingers on Google search engine, anything will do actually but, ONTD_ FF community and FAIL Blog, are my favorite site at the moment. I also try to squeeze an episode or two of the Simpsons from Watch The Simpson Online before bedtime (hey, at least its not porn! ) and recently, i've been working out to Jorge Cruise twelve seconds sequence workouts from his YouTube Channel. Other than that i do the regular Hotmail,Facebook, Streetstyle blogs (Jak & Jil, The Sartorialist, Wayne Tippette) , Blogspots (Sonny Groo, Julia Frakes, Palayo Diaz, Tavi, Red Carpet Fashion Awards) and etc.

Qn by Linzi:
I would like to know your favorite colour and why.

I've never really go obsessed with a particular colour , instead i could tell you the colours i don't like- bright yellow, neon hues and green. As for colours for clothing, i like navy blue, black, white, grey and pastels in any shades. If i have to choose, i'd say blue and black, they are my favourite power rangers.

Qn by Linzi:
I would like to know what you really want to do in the future,as unrealistic as it may be.

If i really have the time and money, i want to breed dogs! Anything that involves the fashion industry will do also. I really want to be an editor of a magazine but i never speak of it before. I think it is really ambitious. For now, i'll settle for a fashion journalist / designer/stylist .

Qn by Sheril Lynn Liu:
Would you sew me something pretty?

No, i wont sew for you anything but, i can design for you something and you can get a seamstress to sew it for you. I suck at that.I have zero patience when it comes to that!

Qn: Pablo Braceli:
Are you Dinie Rahman?

No, i'm Oprah Winfrey.I am, but once Victoria settle the divorce papers, you can call me the new Mrs.Beckham.

Qn Nurul Shazleen:
Do you miss me?

Actually, not that much.Sorry. Hey, we could meet up soon and i can't put a fake lizard down your shirt again.

Qn By Anonymous:
How would you explain your style?

Honestly, my wardrobe changes accordingly, it depends on the economy. Bad economy means less allowance.I really like the Sartorial elegance of a suit but it is not affordable and not age-appropriate. I think i should embrace my youth and 'mature-dressing' can come later in the late twenties. The climate is also such a major influence in my style, i can't wear what i want, even the basic casual dressing is too warm for Singapore's weather. I guess 'my style' evolve with my surrounding and i can express it better when i'm in New york or Paris.Heh.

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  1. this is really interesting interactive.. maybe i should do this too! (haha as though anybody cares to ask me questions)

    i tried to ask you somthg but the blogger went kooky. hope this is not too late, but still, my question: what is your current job? do you like it?

  2. Yeay, 101 on you! I should come up with a clever question for you as well. Still thinking...


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